Sileo Timeless Jewelry



Gold has been known for transforming energies and protecting our inner fire throughout human history, it gives us the courage to evolve and reach higher peaks in our existence. Since our origin, gold and precious stones have been desirable objects not only for their beauty but also for their spiritual wisdom, they provide us with emotional and physical benefits that allow us to enjoy an abundant and prosperous life. We want to break down the stereotype that is usually found in luxury jewelry companies with passing designs and fleeting models. In addition to offering you a timeless jewelry piece, which is produced with the highest quality materials, which was handmade by Colombian craftspeople, and which will also be passed down through generations as a priceless heirloom, our brand aims to offer you a product with an organic, real and natural sense. A jewel which purpose is enhancing its wearer’s inner fire, a jewel that since its origin was inspired to empower, to connect with our essence, to remind us of the true purpose of our soul. Sileo stands for our connection with the whole universe. Like a phoenix bird is, Sileo is reborn from the fire within itself. Our transformation begins during a special day and time 11.11, the energetic portal that merges the earthly and spiritual worlds in order to connect us with the universe and awaken our consciousness. Thus, we were born in the midst of the fire that brought us to our origin in the direction of integrating the lessons we learned in the past and expanding that knowledge into a new path full of consciousness. This rebirth allowed us to find in the jewels the element that transforms energies, the means by which it is possible for us to connect with the fire that lives in us and makes us act with strength, determination, and passion while keeping the world around us in harmony.



We are Susana Gomez & Juliana Gomez, creators of the brand, the jewerly and the movement of Sileo.